Story: Ryan and Brandy Young’s Lifesaver

Ryan’s home was hit during a lightning storm, which led to a small smoldering fire right above his son’s bedroom. Two years prior to the incident, Ryan was gifted with a guardian angel in the form of an ADT authorized provider as his neighbor.

After noticing the ADT truck in his neighbor’s driveway, he decided to see what the company had to offer. After meeting with him and discussing the various packages offered by ADT, Ryan chose to not only go with a full smart home package but to also focus on fire and carbon monoxide detection. Not knowing that the decision he made and the expert placement of the fire detectors by our licensed technicians would end up saving him.

Two years go by without an issue, until the night of the lightning storm. After Ryan’s home was hit, there were only a few short minutes to respond. The fire department acted quickly and said that if it was not for the quick response their home could have been destroyed.

Ryan’s security system worked perfectly. The smoldering created a light haze of smoke and the monitored smoke detector went off, ADT then notified the homeowners then notified the fire department. One of the most crucial things to Ryan’s home safety is that our monitored smoke detectors went off well before the home’s standard smoke detectors did.

The damage to the home was extremely minimal and only affected a small portion of the home. Thanks to Ryan’s ADT security system, he and his family were able to remain safe.

We believe every homeowner deserves this level of protection and comfort. We also believe that every home should have a system like this because without it the story of this customer could have been very different